leave home

by Space Fiend

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all songs are original except for the end of "move" which is a cover of "driving up" by Frankie Cosmos

all sounds made by jacob weingast except for the gang vocals on "bird" which were recorded by Zack Schiavetta, Olivia Quinones, Ann Akamiokhor, Grace Wynter, and Evan Stapleton

all songs recorded in new rochelle from february 2016 to july 2016


released August 17, 2016

thanks to mom and dad and friends and family and liana and the silent barn




Space Fiend New Rochelle, New York

like the positive sides of two magnets pressing against each other

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Track Name: sleep
there is a black river
running down over my head
i can feel the cold water running down my back

there is a black mountain
a silhouette in the night
that casts a shadow over the river

i aim to reach higher
draw me in
Track Name: buzz
there is a light shining down into my room
an unfamiliar glow
something i cannot know
from somewhere i’ve always been afraid of

there is nothing for you here
sleeping through the day and making noise

comfort and security are no longer here
aware of everything around me

and in the dark i feel you standing here
i feel you pulling me in

there is nothing for you here
there is no comfort in the night
Track Name: out
everything falls over all the time
i want to love you all but it’s mental suicide
i would lie awake on the hard floor for that whole night
and stare into the black until my room got filled with sunlight

i try hard not to think about the bad things in my life
impending sense of doom that comes crawling in at night
a presence in the room that tries to take control
i fall into the dark every night and try to keep away but i’m afraid, i don’t know

after 2 sleepless at 4 in the morning
i found my body floating, through the dry air
out into the cold night, my body trapped forever
floating out over the suburbs, my nightly prayer

we don’t know where we go at night
we want to flow with the water
guided by unstoppable ephemeral paths
out past the freeway
and down to the stream
Track Name: bird
i aim to reconcile
i killed 4 the very 1st time 2day
but i’d heard that was impossible
but i heard it hit my bumper as it tried to fly away
i drove home to feel alone
nothing had really changed

i’m gonna climb that mountain
tho i may nvr reach the peak
i’m gonna make my way up
and learn to float

you cannot
it is ageless, voiceless, nameless
endless, endless
i saw it for a second
a silhouette under the light
but it was not my time

and i wonder how i could manage
to focus my body and mind
and finally make my way up
Track Name: am
there is nothing natural
about being locked in a room
with a world you can connect with
and hours of distractions
and a bad taste in your mouth tells you there's nothing left 2 lose
i try hard not to be too cynical
about this silent state of mind
but i know that there's alternatives
to unanswered questions
like you can get yours so i can go ahead and get mine
and everything's a machine
including this guitar and the songs i sing
and i know that its impractical
to try and fight against it
but i just feel like something here doesn't want a part of me
just watch me

i can see it
the high water mark
we got right to the top and then we faded away
and i can feel it
moving in me
everywhere i go
every single day
it keeps me moving
it is my lifeline
keeps me working against apathy
yeah we can get there
we can get there

before i die when things are coming to an end
i'd climb the tallest mountain within close proximity
and spend my final days there looking out on everything
and wonder to myself "is this really what it means to be free?"
there's nothing natural
there's nothing natural
there's nothing natural and that's fine by me
there's nothing natural
nothing was ever natural
there's nothing natural i think there's more that we can be
Track Name: push
i'm here because i'm here
i come to make sounds with my hands
filled with blood and bad ideas
out of my head and into another
come into my home
come into my garden
come into my home
come into my garden

i aim to reach higher
i slide across the landscape
events come and meet me then cease to exist
i was here
but now i'm not

aiming to reach
my own objective reality
and i feel the love
of everyone around me

i am the snake
come into my garden
i am the snake
come into my garden
come into my garden
come into my garden
come in
come in
come in
come in
Track Name: move
Listen to me i wanted to be free going up to the country metal and rubber over concrete
The people that i love i can feel moving in me
Liana says sit by the side of the mountain by the train tracks running by the river
Concrete connecting me to you to you to you to you
I found a way to get away
In music and in love and peace
I found a way to get away
It’s a privilege and a responsibility
Drivin up the country
When the lake gets hit by lightning in the storm
There are people in my life
I am grateful to be loved and feeling warm

Driving up
Driving up
Driving up with my honey driving up
Hey whats up?
Hey whats up?
Driving up to the country
Driving up
Waking up
Waking up
Waking up with my honey
Waking up
Driving up
Driving up
Driving up to the country driving up
Track Name: leave home
summer sun is running out
dead eyes staring through an open window
no time for comfort, resignation
you never seem to come around, no more
and i’ve been tired i’ve been knocked down
and something’s out there staring back at me
i’m going over, i’m going down
and the summer sun still brings an unrelenting heat

catharsis when will you come around, come around
i needed something to breathe through
i might be gone but i will soon be coming back to town
just in time to bleed over you

rain hits pavement in outside world
i close the window to keep dry inside
time moves slower, bleeding out
when time moves fast it’s gonna bleed you dry
an education, get a job
kick your addiction, try hard to survive
no time for comfort, resignation
no time for comfort, no time to feel alive

catharsis i want to be around, be around
i want to be someone who can breathe
i might be sick but i will still be coming back to town
maybe then i will finally feel free

some things take a long time to change
some things just grow
i really love you
i really love you