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there is nothing natural
about being locked in a room
with a world you can connect with
and hours of distractions
and a bad taste in your mouth tells you there's nothing left 2 lose
i try hard not to be too cynical
about this silent state of mind
but i know that there's alternatives
to unanswered questions
like you can get yours so i can go ahead and get mine
and everything's a machine
including this guitar and the songs i sing
and i know that its impractical
to try and fight against it
but i just feel like something here doesn't want a part of me
just watch me

i can see it
the high water mark
we got right to the top and then we faded away
and i can feel it
moving in me
everywhere i go
every single day
it keeps me moving
it is my lifeline
keeps me working against apathy
yeah we can get there
we can get there

before i die when things are coming to an end
i'd climb the tallest mountain within close proximity
and spend my final days there looking out on everything
and wonder to myself "is this really what it means to be free?"
there's nothing natural
there's nothing natural
there's nothing natural and that's fine by me
there's nothing natural
nothing was ever natural
there's nothing natural i think there's more that we can be


from leave home, released August 17, 2016




Space Fiend New Rochelle, New York

like the positive sides of two magnets pressing against each other

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