leave home

from by Space Fiend



summer sun is running out
dead eyes staring through an open window
no time for comfort, resignation
you never seem to come around, no more
and i’ve been tired i’ve been knocked down
and something’s out there staring back at me
i’m going over, i’m going down
and the summer sun still brings an unrelenting heat

catharsis when will you come around, come around
i needed something to breathe through
i might be gone but i will soon be coming back to town
just in time to bleed over you

rain hits pavement in outside world
i close the window to keep dry inside
time moves slower, bleeding out
when time moves fast it’s gonna bleed you dry
an education, get a job
kick your addiction, try hard to survive
no time for comfort, resignation
no time for comfort, no time to feel alive

catharsis i want to be around, be around
i want to be someone who can breathe
i might be sick but i will still be coming back to town
maybe then i will finally feel free

some things take a long time to change
some things just grow
i really love you
i really love you


from leave home, released August 17, 2016




Space Fiend New Rochelle, New York

like the positive sides of two magnets pressing against each other

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