from by Space Fiend



everything falls over all the time
i want to love you all but it’s mental suicide
i would lie awake on the hard floor for that whole night
and stare into the black until my room got filled with sunlight

i try hard not to think about the bad things in my life
impending sense of doom that comes crawling in at night
a presence in the room that tries to take control
i fall into the dark every night and try to keep away but i’m afraid, i don’t know

after 2 sleepless at 4 in the morning
i found my body floating, through the dry air
out into the cold night, my body trapped forever
floating out over the suburbs, my nightly prayer

we don’t know where we go at night
we want to flow with the water
guided by unstoppable ephemeral paths
out past the freeway
and down to the stream


from leave home, released August 17, 2016




Space Fiend New Rochelle, New York

like the positive sides of two magnets pressing against each other

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